Off the beaten path: Seychelles

Seychelles, a group of 115 islands, with many of them uninhabited and untouched by civilization, offer tranquility and amazing flora and fauna for the off the beaten path travelers. You can explore Aldabra Atoll, home to the most of remaining giant tortoises, lots of endemic insects, gastropods, birds and marine life, try to search for Pirate Olivier le Vasseur's treasure, see the unusually giant seeds of Coco-de-Mer, the weird Jellyfish Tree and more.

Aldabra Atoll island

Aldabra Atoll has amazing endemic flora and fauna due to its isolation - over two thirds of the remaining giant tortoises in the world live on the islands, including a plethora of insects, snails,…
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Where to find the hidden booty of Olivier Levasseur | La Buse pirate buried treasure in Seychelles

The mystery Olivier Levasseur's hidden treasures still remains unsolved - whether the pirate made a joke before his death or it was true, some treasure hunters have been looking for it since the…
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