There are 18 off the beaten path places tagged amazing fauna:

Butantã Snake institute

The Butantã Institute in Sao Paulo has one of the largest collections of venomous reptiles and insects and teaches you how the venom is used to create vaccines and serums to cure various diseases.

Aldabra Atoll island

Aldabra Atoll has amazing endemic flora and fauna due to its isolation - over two thirds of the remaining giant tortoises in the world live on the islands, including a plethora of insects, snails,…
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Grenada Dove

Grenada Dove is one of the most rare birds in the world, facing extinction. The remaining individuals are kept in Mt.Hartman sanctuary in Grenada, however the human destructive activities are taking…
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Dog Cafe in Busan

Busan Dog Cafe was inspired by the cat cafes in Japan, and South Koreans love it. In Busan, where owning a dog is a luxury due to the small apartments and a hectic schedule of a big city, relaxing in…

Aviarios del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Lemon

Aviarios del Caribe Sloth Sanctuary in Lemon, Costa Rica, has rescued more than 100 sloth and contributed a lot to sloth studies. Buttercup, the first sloth brought to the owners of the place, which…
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Dinosaur Plateau

Dinosaur plateau in Turkmenistan is the location of one of the biggest dinosaur tracks and footprints collections on Earth. The plateau is located in the south-east of Turkmenistan, in…

The giant pink slugs

The pink slugs are quite large - 20cm in length and 4-6cm in width invertebrates that were discovered comparatively not so long ago on the peak of Mountain Kaputar, in New South Wales, Australia.
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The blackest chicken in the world - Ayam Cemani

Indonesian Ayam Cemani chickens are blacker than black - they have black legs, black toenails, beak, tongue, comb, wattles, black bones and black meat. They are very rare and are believed to possess…
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The hospital for falcons

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the largest hospital in the world dedicated to treating falcons. Visitors are invited to see how the patients are being treated, to learn everything about history of…
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