There are 22 off the beaten path places near Moscow

Map Location off the beaten path travel destinations near Moscow

Museum of the Moscow Railway

Address: Строение 1, Paveletskaya ploshchad', Moscow, 1A, Russia

Laika Monument

Address: Moscow, Russia

Children are the Victims of Adult Vices

Address: Bolotnaya Square, Moscow, 115035, Russia

Aquarelle Train on The Moscow Metro

Address: Moscow Metro, Sokolnicheskaya (Red) Line, Moscow, Russia

Fallen Monument Park

Address: 10/4, Ulitsa Krymskiy Val, Moscow, 101000, Russia

Gorki Leninskiye

Address: 142712, Moscow, 115035, Russia

Novodevichy Cemetery

Address: пр. Лужнецкий, 2, Moscow, 119270, Russia

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

Address: просп. Мира (дублер), 111, Moscow, 129515, Russia

Monument to the Conquerors of Space

Address: Moscow, 117623, Russia

Borodino Panorama

Address: Borodino Panorama, Kutuzovsky pr 38, Moscow, 121165, Russia

Padlock Tree Park

Address: Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow, 117623, Russia

State Darwin Museum

Address: 57/1 Vavilova st, Moscow, 117292, Russia

Twin Stars Diner

Address: Moscow, Russia

A.N. Scriabin Memorial Museum

Address: pereulok Nikolopeskovskiy Bolshoy, Moscow, 119002, Russia

Arctic Siberian Campion Plant Revived

Address: Moscow, 117623, Russia

Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

Address: Baumanskaya street, 11, Moscow, 105187, Russia

Tsar Bell

Address: Ivan the Great Bell Tower, Moscow, 117623, Russia

Lenin's Mausoleum

Address: Krasnaya Ploshchad, Moscow, 109012, Russia

Miniature Moscow

Address: Moscow Municipal Building, Moscow, 117623, Russia

Moscow State University

Address: Moscow, 119234, Russia

Old English Yard

Address: Ul. Varvarka 4A , Moscow, 109012, Russia


Address: Lubyanskaya ploschad, Moscow, 109012, Russia