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Space ball of Namibia

For the last 20 years, more and more space junk has been falling down onto the Earth. One of the recent occurrences was the Space Ball in Namibia - deemed as an extraterrestrial object at first, but…

Richat Structure - the Eye of Sahara

Richat Structure in Mauritania is a giant circular bull's eye on the surface of the Earth, which still remains a mystery - there are various hypotheses of how it was formed, but the answer is yet to…
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The grim fortress of Nan Madol

Nan Madol is a mysterious and feared by the locals megalithic structure in Micronesia, the mystery of which has not been solved to this day. No one knows who, why and for what purpose built it, but…

Qasr al-Haj, the gem of Berber architecture

Qasr al-Haj is one of the outstanding examples of Berber architecture in Libya. This circular construction was built during the medieval period and served both as a granary and a fortress.
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World's largest hewn stones of Baalbek Trilithon

Baalbek Trilithon in Lebanon is famous for its unresolved mystery - it contains the largest hewn stones on Earth, weighing 800-1200 tons. Legends say it was the shelter of Cain or the domain of…

Rugova Gorge in Kosovo

Rugova Gorge and Valley are a spectacular landscape of soaring peaks of rocks and crystal clear water. To get there you should take a challenging road, however the views are well worth it.
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The Tree of Knowledge in El Qurna

Some believe that the biblical Tree of Knowledge still stands in El Qurna, Iraq, and that it is the tree from which Eve ate the forbidden fruit. The tree is a place of pilgrimage of various religious…

Seven Colors of Dunes, Mauritius

The Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel, Mauritius is a geological phenomenon - the dunes have all the colors of the rainbow with distinct borders between the colors, creating a surreal moonscape.

Kites of the dead in Guatemala

In Sacatepequez and Sumpango, Guatemala, the celebration of the Day of the Dead is accompanied by a kite festival. It is believed by the locals that the kite's flutter in the wind is a sign that the…
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