Carnivore restaurant - the exotic meat gluttony place

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Posted on Fri, Nov 07 2014 11:32:32

Although Carnivore restaurant is far from the center of Nairobi, this does not affect the number of visitors on any day of the week.  Carnivore is about halfway from the city center to the Kenya National Park. This place is a nightmare for the vegetarians and a paradise for the meat eaters. 

Carnivore opened in 1980 and was designed as a medieval banquet hall with tropical plants growing around tables. Near the entrance of the building there is a huge roasting pit, covered with the traditional Maasai swords and loads of meat. Besides your regular barbequed meats like chicken, sausage, pork and beef, there are some weird choices, like ostrich steak, eland, crocodile, camel and kidneys. You can mark your arrival to the place with the popular "Dawa" cocktail (which means "potion" in Swahili), and dare to try the meats you've never had before, fried in red hot hot ovens and served on the Maasai sword, in a barbeque-house style, offering you to choose the cut you want. 

This is an all-you-can-eat type of place, and when a visitor realizes that he stuffed himself beyond recognition, he can lower a little white flag on his table, signaling to the waiters that he surrenders. At this point, a waiter will gladly bring the desserts and coffee.

Besides the celebration of gluttony, Carnivore has a nightclub, gardens, an African heritage gallery, and, strangely, a vegetarian menu, which makes you wonder, why would a vegetarian even consider setting foot  in this place.

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