Off the beaten path: Finland

Finland is the land of the thousand lakes, covered with forests and swamps. It is the destination to see midnight sun, explore a variety of destinations and interesting places, both the famous design museums and weird places off the beaten path. There are special tracks for backpackers and tours to the mysterious Lapland with their unusual shamanistic rituals and culture.

Tampere Moominvalley Art Museum

Moominvalley Art museum in Tampere, Finland is a delight for both children and adults as well. Experience the fairy tale atmosphere of Moomintroll world, the character from Tove Jansson's books.

Götan Maailma - the shop of vintage oddities

Götan Maailma is a place to go to see a bunch of strange objects, all in one place. This is the only shop in Finland that sells this kind of things. Moreover, each object on display is a unique work…

Hiidenkirnut - the Devil's Churns of Lapland

Hiidenkirnut are huge potholes in the rocky surface, which appear to have been drilled. They formed during the end of the Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago, and later inspired many legends and tales…
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Kummakivi stone

Kummakivi is a strange giant balancing rock in the south of Finland, which is a very rare natural phenomenon in a famous, but secluded, place. Kummakivi is believed to be a stone placed by giants to…