Off the beaten path: Gambia

Gambia, the smallest African country, where sorcerers are exorcised by drinking hallucinogenic potions by order of the president, the home of Jola tribes and ritual costumes made of hay, is quite off the beaten path by itself. You can perform a ritual and pet the crocs in Kachikally pool, learn some tribal dancing, visit the nature reserves and beautiful beaches.

Kachikally sacred crocodile pool and museum

Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool in Bakau, Gambia tell you the story of the people and serve as a sacred fertility place. You can do the fertility ritual for a small donation of cash, cloth and a…

Stone circles of Senegambia

Senegambian stone circles are extraordinary remains of ancient civilizations in Gambia and Senegal, the mystery of which is still unresolved. It is unclear when these circles were built, and what they…