Off the beaten path: Slovakia

Slovakia, a small country filled with castles. caves and wooden churches, the home of Elizabeth Bathory and the parents of Andy Warhol, has many interesting places to offer to the ones who like to travel off the beaten path - especially for the ones who love Medieval history. You can explore castles and ruins hidden in the forest, old villages, learn about weird legends from the locals, go deep into the caves or hike in the mountains.

Cachtice castle of the Blood Countess

Cachtice castle in Slovakia became famous mostly because of its owner, Elizabeth Bathory, or the Blood Countess, who allegedly tortured and killed many virgins and bathed in their blood.

The icy world of Demänovská cave

Demänovská Ice Cave in Slovakia is a cave complex, featuring the colorful Cave of Liberty with its stone flowers and the great temple, and the icy chambers of the Ice Cave itself, decorated with…