Rugova Gorge in Kosovo

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Posted on Thu, Nov 06 2014 17:35:08

rugova gorgeRugova Gorge is a spectacular area surrounded by immense granite walls, located in the western corner of Kosovo after Peja town and expanding up to the border of Montenegro. To enter the gorge you have to go through a narrow pass, which opens up into the landscape of soaring peaks and mysterious caves. The views of Rugova gorge are breathtaking – crystal clear water, freshwater springs, lakes, surrounded by pine trees and majestic rocks standing 609 meters tall above the water.

Rugova Gorge and Valley are the central area of Rugova mountains, which has about a dozen of villages scattered about. In the ancient days, lots of caravans used to pass through this area, going towards Peja, which was a big commercial center at the time.

The gorge is traversed by a 25km long and challenging road along the crystal clear Lumi Bardhi River. The road has many scary turns and hand-made tunnels – but the views that open up after surviving yet another risky passage are well worth it. This place brings plenty of joy to the rock climbers, and if you decide to take the Rugova challenge, you should bring your own gear. There are some dangling ropes along the road but you never know how good their quality might be. The less adventurous types will also enjoy hiking and exploring twisted rock faces – if you continue up the road to the villages of Bo-gaj and Stankaj, they have great starting points for hiking in the gorge. This place has too much beauty to miss, and if you are in Kosovo, visiting Rugova Gorge is a must.

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