Azure waters of Rio Celeste

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Posted on Sat, Dec 06 2014 17:07:15

rio celesteRio Celeste river is a real jewel in the wilderness of Tenorio Volcano National Park in Costa Rica. This river is a natural phenomenon due to its beautiful neon blue color.

This unnatural tint of the river is produced by the dissolved calcium carbonate, reacting with volcanic sulfur. Celeste river is fed by two colorless rivers, the Buenavista River and Sour creek. When the water from two rivers mix to form Celeste, it results in the physical phenomenon called Mie scattering – the particles from Buena Vista mix with Sour Creek acidic waters and produce a strong blue color. In contrast, the banks of Rio Celeste are quite gray, due to the ash of the nearby volcano. An impressive waterfall along the banks fills up the azure lagoon even in the dry season. In the vicinity of the Rio Celeste there are two active volcanos and hot springs. The whole territory is covered with dense tropical forest,  making the park an ideal place for eco tourism.

Besides admiring the surreal scenery of the waterfall and the river, you can enjoy yourself in the natural hot springs, surrounded with humming birds, colorful lizards, monkey-tail plants and primeval greenery.

Pictures of the place are constantly accused of being photoshopped, but the ones who get to hike in this surreal forest know that this is a true wonder of nature.

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