Captivating Kummakivi Stone in Finland

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Posted on Wed, Aug 05 2015 19:09:15

Captivating Kummakivi Stone in FinlandCertain sights can take your breath away, make you share them with the world and sweep you off your feet. Long story short, they rock. The perfect balance between the fame and the secludedness of such a natural wonder can be found at the site of an amazing balancing rock - stone Kummakivi in the south of FInland.

The name of the stone, "Kummakivi", may sound strange to you and no wonder, as it also translates from Finnish as “the strange stone”. For those who choose to trust scientific theories, balancing Kummakivi stone was brought here by massive glaciers on their way through Finnish lands. It is indeed logical to believe that natural forces played a role here, as no other power could account for the peculiar positioning and the strength it would take to place the stones on top of each other.

If you think of yourself as of a more imaginative one, go with the ancient legend. It claims that the giants and the humans could not set clear borders to their respective lands, so one day the giants just placed the stone in that spot and thus set the boundaries. Neither a human, nor an animal could move it ever since, so beware - to this day this land is marked as belonging to the giants. Besides the giants, thousands of tourists flocking to Finland are attracted to the balancing Kummakivi stone.

Now that the history behind this wonder is no longer a mystery, let’s get acquainted with the stone itself. Kummakivi is basically an enormous boulder, standing atop a round rock, with myriads of tiny fissures and intricate patterns of moss growing on its uneven surface. What really makes the whole encounter with the construction so surreal is the feeling that balancing Kummakivi stone is about to fall down and crack to pieces right there and now in front of your eyes. But do not fret, as neither the rules of gravity nor the cracks and dense clamps of moss have so far succeeded in making the stone give up and surrender to the pressure. This reminder of the last Ice Age has genuinely come to stay!

Be it the thirst for adventures or the striving to bring some magic and fairy tale vibe to your daily life, you should come to Finland and marvel at the sight of Kummakivi stone. Enjoy the mystery of the moment and see this timeless miracle, the perfect paragon of natural balance in the heart of virgin forests of the North.


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