Off the beaten path: Angola

Angola, the country rich with natural resources and with its love for music, the country which peoples brought Capoeira to Brazil, has interesting places and activities to offer - there are fantastic landscapes, waterfalls, beaches, canyons and hot springs. For the off the beaten path travelers there are opportunities for exploring the local tribes and their unusual customs, beautiful deserted beaches and weird black stones.

The mysterious black rocks of Pungo Andongo

The Black Rocks of Pungo Andongo are huge monoliths standing in the middle of savannah - no one really knows how they ended up there. They are also said to possess magical powers.

Himba - the most fashionable tribe in Africa

Himba tribe, which lives on the shores of Kunene river in Angola and northern Namibia, is considered the most fashionable in Africa, and through the years Himba women became an iconic image for the…
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