Off the beaten path: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a beautiful countryside, three languages that sound similar, lots of interesting architecture, fortresses and old bridges, and is an attractive destination for the ones who like to travel off the beaten path. You can visit the war tunnel museum, see some Olympic relics, visit an oriental bazaar, investigate the mystical powers of some weird churches, examine the local pyramid and more.

The magical Men Water from Kladanj

The miraculous Men Water from Kladanj in Bosnia used to be world famous for its natural Viagra-like effect on men. The water does contain a mixture of minerals able to cure some diseases, however…

Romeo and Juliet bridge in Sarajevo

Romeo and Juliet bridge in Sarajevo, also known as the Vrbanja bridge or Suada and Olga bridge is connected to the tragic events of the Siege of Sarajevo in 1992-96. Suada and Olga were the first…
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