There are 8 off the beaten path places tagged horrors of war:

Bunkers of Albania

Albania is a land where bunkers can be found everywhere, and nowadays they are transformed into all kinds of things - cafes, restaurants, wine cellars and what not. All those bunkers owe their…

The bombastic decor of Craters restaurant

Craters restaurant, located on the border of Laos and Vietnam, is unique because of its decor - huge bomb debris on the sides of the patio.

The Cactus Dome on Enewetak Atoll

After multiple nuclear tests performed by the US military on Marshall Islands, a massive Cactus Dome was built. The concrete dome covers up the crater with radioactive soil, brought there during the…
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Varosha, the luxury ghost beach resort

Varosha is a ghost beach town in Famagusta, Cyprus, which used to be one of the luxury vacation places in the world for the richest and the wealthiest. In 1974, Turkish army invaded Cyprus, surrounded…
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Presidio Modelo - the defunct panopticon prison

Presidio Modelo used to be Cuban model prison, situated on Juventud island. The prison was designed following Jeremy Bentham's panopticon ideas, with a watchtower surrounded by prison cells in a…

Cele Kula - the Skull Tower of Nis

Cele Kula, the Skull Tower, with 952 skulls immured into its outer walls, is one of the most sinister monuments of the city of Nis.

The beautiful radioactive Bikini atoll

Bikini atoll looks amazing from above, but has a grim nuclear past - USA tested 23 bombs in the area, which caused death and disease of the islands' inhabitants, and also served as an inspiration for…

Romeo and Juliet bridge in Sarajevo

Romeo and Juliet bridge in Sarajevo, also known as the Vrbanja bridge or Suada and Olga bridge is connected to the tragic events of the Siege of Sarajevo in 1992-96. Suada and Olga were the first…
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