Off the beaten path: Barbados

Barbados is the little Britain of the Caribbean. There are various resorts on the coast of the island, as well as interesting travel destinations in the interior highlands of Barbados. The country has lots of interesting stories about the mysterious and weird events during the colonial times, and, although there are not many places off the beaten path, one can enjoy visiting Harrison's cave with its waterfalls and pools, explore the highlands and visit some villages that are still considered as off the beaten track.

The moving coffins of Barbados

The mystery of the Chase vault and its moving coffins still remains unsolved and is of interest of many paranormal experts.

Giant rusty space gun of Barbados

One of the fruits of US-Canadian High Altitude Research Project is a gigantic space gun, left to rust in the bush of Barbados since 1967. The goal of the project was to shoot objects into the upper…