There are 7 off the beaten path places tagged cursed:

Pokaini forest

The mystery of Pokaini forest in Latvia still remains unsolved - some claim it to be a pagan sanctuary, some call it the "death spot", but the fact remains that there is some strange energy coming out…

The evil cave of the White Shaman

Kashkulakskaya cave is located in the north of the Khakassia republic in Eastern Siberia, and is recognized as one of the scariest places on the planet. Locals call it the cave of Black Devil or the…

The Palace of Garbage King

Palacio do Rei do Lixo, or the Palace of the Garbage King, in Coina, Portugal is famous for its bad reputation. Besides that the main owner of the place was believed to be a blasphemous freethinker,…

The ancient sex curse tablet in Cyprus

In the pagan times, curses were engraved into lead tablets while the words of the curse were being spoken. In 2008, an ancient sex curse was discovered on a lead tablet among the ruins of the kingdom…

The biggest Voodoo market in the world - Akodessewa, Togo

Akodessewa market in Togo is a place not to miss - this is the largest Voodoo market in the world, and if you have some ailment, there will always be some ground dead animal to cure your disease.

The moving coffins of Barbados

The mystery of the Chase vault and its moving coffins still remains unsolved and is of interest of many paranormal experts.

Kuklica - the Macedonian valley of the dolls

Kuklica is 120 bizarre stone figures located in eastern Macedonia. There are many legends surrounding these stone pillars, which resemble a petrified wedding party.