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Stone circles of Senegambia

Senegambian stone circles are extraordinary remains of ancient civilizations in Gambia and Senegal, the mystery of which is still unresolved. It is unclear when these circles were built, and what they…

Carthage tophet

The Tophet at Carthage is the biggest ancient cemetery, which holds many secrets. One of the mysteries of the place is still being speculated upon - why are the graves filled with infant and animal…

St Agatha and St Paul catacombs

Rabat has a large underground catacomb area, with multiple sarcophagi and frescoes on the walls. The catacombs are named after St.Agatha and St.Paul, who spent time in ancient Malta.
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Capuchin Crypt, Rome

Capuchin Crypt in Rome holds the remains of 4000 monks, which were later exhumed and their bones used for decoration of the walls, ceilings and tombs - a spectacular sight of necroart.

The Blue Mountain of Latvia - Zilais Kalns

Zilais Kalns, a.k.a. the Blue Mountain is a large hill north-east of Vidzeme, Latvia, which is shrouded in mystery and strange stories. This is a place of pagan worship, witchcraft, burial grounds…

Romanian Merry Cemetery

Merry Cemetery in Săpânţa, Romania, is a unique example of tombstone art. They don't have the boring R.I.P. carved into stone, instead the tombstones feature poetic, sometimes frivolous, rhymes…

The mysterious tombstone in Tobago

In Plymouth, Trinidad and Tobago, there is a 300 year old tombstone with a really strange epitaph that sounds like a riddle. There are many attempts to solve it, but none of the explanations have been…
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Hungarian Vác mummies

265 mummies were accidentally discovered during the renovation of the Dominican church of the town Vác in Hungary. Due to the microclimate of the underground vaults, dead bodies got exceptionally…

The Bog body of Haraldskær Woman

Haraldskær Woman is a preserved bog body from 490 BC, which got discovered by farmers of Jutland in 1835 and believed to be the remains of Queen Gunhild of Norway. Due to this mistaken identity, the…
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