Off the beaten path: Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, which boasts their picturesque landscapes, beaches, winter sport opportunities, many interesting churches and the best yogurt in the world. For the ones who like off the beaten path travel, there are many places to explore: yogurt museum among many other ones, lots of tracks in the Balkan mountains, stone mushrooms, monuments from the Soviet era and many more.

The Devil's bridge in Ardino

The Devil's Bridge in Ardino, Bulgaria is a medieval masterpiece shrouded in mystery. If you want to see the image of Satan, come between 11:00 and noon.

Museum of Yogurt in Studen Izvor

Museum of Yogurt is a place dedicated to Stamen Grigorov's discovery of Lactobacterium Bulgaricum, which is the essential element in yogurt production. You can learn everything about the history of…
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