Off the beaten path: Bahrain

Bahrain, the archipelago in the Persian gulf, the most Western-friendly Muslim country with a mix of Arabian and Persian cultures, has many interesting destinations to visit and things to do for the off the beaten path travelers. You can go and see the mysterious 400 year old Tree of Life in the heart of the desert, learn about the rare Islamic manuscripts, investigate prehistoric burial grounds, get lost in the suq and find all sorts of weird and unusual wares, and more.

The 400 year old Tree of Life in Bahrain

The Tree of Life in Bahrain stands under the scorching sun in the heart of the desert for 400 years, yet no one has solved the mystery of how it manages to survive.

The disappearing Dilmun necropolis in Bahrain

Dilmun Burial Mounds are huge necropoleis spread around Bahrain, mostly found in the northern part, close to A'ali village. This area was considered the largest ancient cemetery in the world, having…
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