Off the beaten path: Switzerland

Switzerland is widely known for its beauty, chocolate, cheese and financial institutions, but, of course there is much more to this country. There are plenty of off the beaten path travel destinations that one can explore and many unusual facts one can learn about - the weird Dada movement, the witch hunts, the invention of LSD by Albert Hofmann, or how Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" came about. There are many grottoes, bridges and other amazing constructions to admire, and of course there is a plethora of possibilities to explore the Alps, including the most unusual one - the Evolver.

Dadahaus Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

Dadahaus Cabaret Voltaire museum in Zurich has a collection of weird dada-style objects, a shop and a Duda bar on the second floor, decorated accordingly. Entry to the bar is free, and it's open…
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Kindlifresser - the Child Eater fountain of Bern

In the middle of Bern there is a terrifying Child Eater fountain, the Kindlifresser, which has been scaring children for almost half a century. No one knows what exactly Kindlifresser is though.

The Automata museum of Jaquet-Droz

Jaquet-Droz automata are said to be the predecessors of the modern computers. These 18th century automated dolls are an amazing display of Swiss mastery and precision.
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