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Maximon is a product of Mayan folklore and Catholic teachings - he is a smoking, drinking and womanizing saint, revered by the descendants of Mayans in Guatemala, and hated by the church. Maximon's…

The mystery of Síle na Gig

Síle na Gig are stone carvings found on the walls of churches and castles of Ireland. They depict ugly, old, 2- to 5- breasted women, with oversized genitals. There are many theories what Síle na…

The fascinating sculptures of the Owl House

The Owl House in Nieu-Bethesda is one of the fifty national heritage places of South Africa - decorated in an unusual style with interesting concrete sculptures in the yard, created by the hands of…

The Kiss of Death statue

The Kiss of Death Statue, or El beso de la muerte, by an unknown sculptor, which dates back to 1930, stands on the ancient cemetery of Poblenou in Barcelona. It portrays an angel of death bestowing a…

The Buddhist version of hell

Haw Par Villa or the Tiger Balm Gardens is a park in Singapore, which depicts a version of Buddhist hell. This is the park where parents take children when they misbehave, and show them what may…

The Island of the Dead Dolls

La Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico, is probably one of the most disturbing islands on Earth - thousands of old decrepit dolls hang from the trees, watching your every move with their lifeless eyes.
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Haesindang Penis Park

Haesindang Park or Penis Park in Seongnam, South Korea has plenty of phallic sculptures and penis shaped objects. Penises are a necessity in this place so that they can appease the spirit of the dead…

The Black Jesus of Portobelo

The Black Jesus of Portobelo, Panama is the most revered religious statue, which is carried out into the streets of October for a big celebration.

Kindlifresser - the Child Eater fountain of Bern

In the middle of Bern there is a terrifying Child Eater fountain, the Kindlifresser, which has been scaring children for almost half a century. No one knows what exactly Kindlifresser is though.
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