Off the beaten path: Cook Islands

Cook Islands, a remote archipelago of 15 islands, named by Russians in honor of Captain Cook, is the second largest producer of black pearls, the land of wood carvers and Tivaevae quilts, is a destination remote enough to be called off the beaten path in its entirety. You can learn a lot about fascinating Marae culture and their weird traditions, enjoy the cultural shows, seek out the hard-to-find unusual local foods and beers, enjoy snorkeling and diving, see the Black Rock beach - the place of souls' departure to the afterlife, visit the traditional markets, hike up the mountains and more.

Arai Te Tonga - the ancient sanctuary of Rarotonga

Arai Te Tonga is the ancient marae, or a sacred place, on Rarotonga island of Cook archipelago, dating back to 1250 AD. It belonged to the Samoan Makea family and used for various ceremonies,…