Off the beaten path: Greece

Greece is a country with such a vast history that there is no need to doubt if there are any off the beaten path destinations there. For those who love to travel off the beaten track, there are numerous opportunities of exploring the ruins, the monasteries, the caves, the weird bead meditation museum, the ancient mechanisms invented by the Greeks and many many more.

Necromanteion of Ephyra - the oracle of the dead

Necromanteion of Ephyra was the only way to communicate with the dead in ancient Greece. It is still preserved and stands on the banks of the Acheron river.

Labyrinth of Cretan Minotaur

The myth about Minotaur is quite famous, however, we still don't know if it is rooted in history. Excavations in Crete provide ambiguous proof and give birth to different hypotheses as to the actual…

The mysterious Davelis cave in Greece

The Davelis Cave, not far from Athens, in Greece, is one of the most mysterious places, surrounded by superstition. The sinister reputation of the cave, which used to serve as a hideout for thieves,…