Off the beaten path: Honduras

Honduras, the land of the most intact Mayan ruins, the place where it rains fish, with one of the most extreme airports in the world is quite an interesting destination to visit for the ones who like to travel off the beaten path. You can try to resolve the mystery of the weird fish rain, see the creation of sawdust alfombras, examine Mayan ruins and inscriptions, visit Swan islands and more.

The perennial Rain of Fish in Yoro

Rain of fish, or Lluvia de Peces, in Yoro is no news to the locals - every year the puddles and the marshy valleys are filled with thousands of live fish, and there is still no working scientific…

Lost City in Honduras

Ciudad Blanca is a legendary lost city of white gold deep in the jungle of Honduras, which was the unattainable goal of conquistadors, adventurers, treasure hunters and explorers since the 16th…