Off the beaten path: Comoros

Comoros is an archipelago of volcanic islands off the coast of East Africa. The name of the archipelago means "Island of the Moon". These tropical islands offer a variety of activities to do and places to explore - the adventure lovers can enjoy the underwater coral reefs and the eco travelers can discover many interesting destinations off the beaten path in the mountainous terrain of Moheli, with its hidden waterfalls, the largest bats in the world and giant sea turtles. The volcanoes of the archipelago are definitely worth exploring - there are interesting and unusual natural phenomena one can learn about. You can also find many unique and sometimes weird handicrafts in the Volo Volo market.

The black fruit bats of Comoros - Maheli marine park

Moheli marine park is the place were you still can see the unique Comoro black fruit bat a.k.a. Flying fox. There is less than a thousand of them left in the world!
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