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Rakotz br├╝cke bridge

Rakotzbr├╝cke is an architectural masterpiece of a bridge, located in Kromlau, Germany, in the Azalea and Rhododendron Park. The mortal hands that constructed this structure were so talented, that the…

The Buddhist version of hell

Haw Par Villa or the Tiger Balm Gardens is a park in Singapore, which depicts a version of Buddhist hell. This is the park where parents take children when they misbehave, and show them what may…

Cat park in Cali - Parque del Gato de Tejada

Parque del Gato de Tejada is a riverside park in Cali, Colombia, housing colorful and unique cat sculptures. Hernando Tejada was the first one to create a 3,5 meter tall bronze cat statue, El Gato…

The mighty salt pans of Makgadikgadi

Makgadikgadi is one of the largest salt flats in the world, surrounded by the Kalahari desert in the north-eastern Botswana. In the dry season, nothing but algae and mighty baobabs inhabit the area,…

Haesindang Penis Park

Haesindang Park or Penis Park in Seongnam, South Korea has plenty of phallic sculptures and penis shaped objects. Penises are a necessity in this place so that they can appease the spirit of the dead…


Avdat is a city built by Nabatean tribes in the third century BC. This city was the center of the famous incense route. Here passed the caravans laden with spices on the way to the Mediterranean.

The black fruit bats of Comoros - Maheli marine park

Moheli marine park is the place were you still can see the unique Comoro black fruit bat a.k.a. Flying fox. There is less than a thousand of them left in the world!
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Trovants - the living rocks of Romania

Trovants of Costesti might as well be an unknown inorganic form of life - these rocks grow when exposed to water, and multiply similarly to an unicellular organism.

Grottenbahn - the dragon train into the world of gnomes

Grottenbahn is an underground park with a dragon-headed train taking the visitors on a trip into a magical world of gnomes, dwarves and fairy tale creatures.
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