Off the beaten path: Norway

Norway, the country of fjords, trolls, midnight sun, rich Viking history, amazing landscapes and penguins that can be knighted, the birthplace of skiing, Edward Grieg and Henrik Ibsen, has a lot to offer for the off the beaten path travel lovers. You can explore the ice caves, learn about unusual pagan traditions, see some weird museums (like the leprosy or mini-bottle museums), ancient burial sites and more.

The Minibottle gallery, Oslo

The Minibottle gallery is one of a kind in the world, created by a wealthy brewer Christian Ringnes. There are thousands of bottles and a horror room as well.
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Mølen beach - the ancient burial site, Larvik

Mølen beach combines an amazing landscape and history - this used to be the burial site since the most recent Ice age, 10 000 years ago through 250 A.D.

The scariest rock of Norway

Trolltunga, or the Troll's Tongue is one of the scariest spots on Earth. It is a thin stone ledge, about to break off, which attracts many adrenaline loving tourists with its scenic views and an…