There are 4 off the beaten path places tagged interesting beaches:

Moeraki boulders

Moeraki boulders are huge spherical stones with a diameter up to 2 meters, scattered along Otago coast, Moeraki village, New Zealand. There are plenty of theories about their origin, from crazy to…

The house in the middle of the river

In Serbia, near the town of Bajina Basta, right in the center of the Drina river stands a tiny wooden house. The house was built by local guys just for recreation, but now it has become one of the…

The amazing swimming pigs of Big Major Cay

If you are in Bahamas, do visit Big Major Cay to experience the swimming pigs phenomena - these creatures are excellent swimmers, they are friendly and not shy at all to jump into your boat and ask…

Mølen beach - the ancient burial site, Larvik

Mølen beach combines an amazing landscape and history - this used to be the burial site since the most recent Ice age, 10 000 years ago through 250 A.D.