Off the beaten path: Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, the least explored country in the world, with 850 indigenous languages and colorful tribes, the land where cannibalism was practiced until 1950s, the homeland of the only poisonous bird in the world - the Hooded Pitohui, has a lot to offer to the ones who like to travel to off the beaten path destinations. You can learn about various ethnic groups and their unusual traditions, attend one of the folk festivals, see plenty of weird birds, enjoy the hiking trails and more.

The mudmen of Asaro tribe

The Mudmen of Asaro live outside the village of Goroka in Papua New Guinea and have a bizarre tradition of wearing terrifying mud/clay helmets and trying to look like monsters to ward off the enemy.
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The skin cutting ritual

Kaningara tribesmen, living around the Sepik river in Papua New Guinea have a rather bloody initiation ritual for young men, which involves cutting skin with razors to rid them of their mothers' blood…
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