Off the beaten path: East Timor

East Timor was a Portuguese colony, later invaded by Indonesia, which became independent not so long ago and is quite a poor country. This place has long forgotten traditional knowledge, which is resurfacing as we speak, and there are many interesting things to learn about their cultural heritage. An off the beaten path traveler will enjoy learning about the animistic Lulik traditions, seeing some Uma Luliks, attending the carnival, doing some world class trekking, exploring Portuguese fortresses and buying some weird artifacts. East Timor is a very off the beaten path destination, so a daring adventurer has a good chance of finding something truly unique.

Uma lulik - the sacred animist houses in East Timor

The traditional and esoteric knowledge of Lulik in Timor Leste has been practically lost or kept secret due to the historic events and society changes. However, it is still possible to see the remains…
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