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Tengzug shrines of Tallensi

Tallensi people of Tongo in Northern Ghana have colorful traditions and interesting shrines. The main shrine in Tengzug requires a pilgrim to enter topless and witness the ritual sacrifice, if the…

Voodoo festival in Benin

The Voodoo Festival in Ouidah, Benin, is an amazing experience of everything voodoo-related, and it's not your westernized voodoo dolls, pins and needles. The festival features Egungun from Benin,…
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The biggest Voodoo market in the world - Akodessewa, Togo

Akodessewa market in Togo is a place not to miss - this is the largest Voodoo market in the world, and if you have some ailment, there will always be some ground dead animal to cure your disease.

Uma lulik - the sacred animist houses in East Timor

The traditional and esoteric knowledge of Lulik in Timor Leste has been practically lost or kept secret due to the historic events and society changes. However, it is still possible to see the remains…
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Witch market in Lima, Peru

If you are not squeamish and into folklore/shamans/black or white magic, the Mercado de Brujas in Lima is the place to go. You can see a variety of potions and really strange ingredients for sale.