Off the beaten path: Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan, the land of nomadic shepherds, which is not easy to get in due to weird visa laws, is a destination well worth visiting for the off the beaten path travel lovers. There is much unexplored land to see, deserts to roam and camels to ride. You can look into the gates of Hell in Derweze, explore the underground lakes, dinosaur plateau, visit the land of the fairy tales, learn about some unusual customs of the local folk and many more.

Derweze crater - the Door to Hell

Derweze crater was set on fire as a result of an accident, and it keeps burning for over 4 decades, unleashing bursts of hellish flame onto the world.

Dinosaur Plateau

Dinosaur plateau in Turkmenistan is the location of one of the biggest dinosaur tracks and footprints´╗┐ collections on Earth. The plateau is located in the south-east of Turkmenistan, in…