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Mokele Mbembe - the monster of Lake Tele

Mokele Mbembe is the monster lurking beneath the waters of Lake Tele in Congo. Since this area is one of the most unexplored corners of the world, it could be possible that some ancient form of life…
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Butantã Snake institute

The Butantã Institute in Sao Paulo has one of the largest collections of venomous reptiles and insects and teaches you how the venom is used to create vaccines and serums to cure various diseases.

Dinosaur Plateau

Dinosaur plateau in Turkmenistan is the location of one of the biggest dinosaur tracks and footprints collections on Earth. The plateau is located in the south-east of Turkmenistan, in…

The bones of Smok Wawelski

Once upon a time, the dragon, Smok Wawelski, terrorized the area of Krakow, Poland. The bones of the said dragon can be seen on the walls of the Cathedral of Wawel, and any guide will tell you the…
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The crocodile shaped house in Abidjan

Thierry Atta lives inside a crocodile shaped house in Cocody neighborhood of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. The house brings lots of joy both to locals and the tourists.
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The domesticated crocodiles of Paga

Paga village locals managed to domesticate crocodiles - they live and bathe side by side, and not one villager (or a croc) has ever been harmed! In fact, the souls of deceased locals are said to live…