Off the beaten path: Turkey

Turkey - the land of hazelnuts, huge bazaars and the longest words, the birthplace of Aesop, Homer and Santa Claus, the legendary landing place of Noah's ark, and the country of the fez hats (which are banned nowadays) has a lot to offer for the off the beaten path travelers. The country has a mind-blowing amount of ancient ruins - Roman, Lycian, Ottoman and Byzantine, the Hittite civilization remains, weird and unusual museums, like the Hair museum in Avanos, underground cave cities, favorite filming locations of Passolini and many many more destinations to explore within this amazing land.

The Lycian necropolis of ancient Teimiussa - Üçagiz

The ancient Lycian necropolis is a part of Teimiussa ruins, which is located in the harbour of Üçagiz village in Turkey. The oldest ruins are the sunken city tombs, which look like upside-down…

Avanos Hair Museum

Avanos is a small provincial town on the bank of the Kızılımak River in Cappadocia in Turkey. It is less touristy than other Turkish towns because of its location. That’s why Avanos is relatively…
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