Off the beaten path: Ukraine

Ukraine - the land of one of the world's most ancient civilizations of Trypillians, the first Eastern Slavic state established by the vikings, a place with lots of lard, horilka, and borsch, the deepest metro station in the world, where Carol of the Bells' Christmas song was born, where fleas can have golden shoes fitted for them, where paganism is preserved more than in the other Christian countries, has a lot of destinations to offer to the off the beaten path travelers. There are lots of places, which have rich history and weird legends behind them, some unusual dark sites like Pripyat or Werwolf base, a variety of amazing castles and structures influenced by different cultures, many beautiful landscapes and more.

Lysa Hora - the myths and legends of the evil Bald Mountain, Kyiv

Lysa Hora - the Bald, or Barren Mountain, is a place where all kinds of blasphemy, desecration and executions happened through the ages. The mount has a very rich history and is considered to have…