There are 13 off the beaten path places tagged alien landscapes:

The red petrifying lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron in Tanzania is one of the most hostile environments on Earth. Its waters are blood red, very salty and very hot, yet there are some animals living around it. When they die, they turn into…

Cova crater in Santo Antão

Cova, the crater of an extinct volcano, has been turned into a fertile valley serving as farmlands of Santo Antão island of Cape Verde. Watching the clouds spill down into the valley of the crater is…

Erta Ale - the evil smoking mountain of Afar

Ethiopian Erta Ale is the lowest, driest and hottest area on earth - the basaltic shield volcano, constantly ejecting lava and destroying everything that lives every 30 years or so. The volcano is the…

The natural nuclear reactor in Gabon

1.9 billion years ago, a natural nuclear reactor was created in Oklo, Gabon. It worked for 600,000 years and, probably, provided energy for our planet, when it was heating up.
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