Chamber pot collection, Prague

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 15:12:05

In Czech Republic, not far from Prague, there is a museum of chamber pots, toilets and other devices that help people to get rid of waste. The owners of the museum collected an incredible amount of artifacts from all over Europe, and the visitors can learn many interesting things about the history of the toilets.

Throughout history, the toilets looked like various modifications of vessels with a wide opening at the top, but in the Middle Ages the toilet engineering got better, making it more comfortable and less smelly. Even Leonardo da Vinci dealt with this issue by creating a model of "the toilet of the future", however his invention was not appreciated by his contemporaries.

The real breakthrough in the "toilet" industry occurred after an Englishman Stephen Greene invented the U-shaped bend of the sewer pipe. Mr.Doulton perfected this invention by adding to the toilet tank, which attaches to the wall. Actually, this is the design that we use today - nobody come up with anything better so far.

This museum takes its pride in displaying the chamber pots of Napoleon and Lincoln.

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