Off the beaten path: Australia

Australia has more than enough off the beaten path destinations to travel to and to explore - with its most fascinating landscapes and fauna, with its interesting history, the spiritual aboriginal art, folklore and unusual traditions, weird creatures in the pristine ecosystems, ancient rocks, and a plentitude of activities to do.

Crocodile Harry's nest in Coober Pedy

Crocodile Harry was a prototype of Mike Dundee from the Crocodile Dundee movie. No wonder - he was a crocodile hunter, and he had the most insane-looking dugout home with various crafts, graffiti, and…

Karlu Karlu, the Devil's Marbles

Devil's Marbles Conservation Reserve, located 100km south of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, Australia, has huge boulders scattered around, which are called Karlu Karlu and are part of the…
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The giant pink slugs

The pink slugs are quite large - 20cm in length and 4-6cm in width invertebrates that were discovered comparatively not so long ago on the peak of Mountain Kaputar, in New South Wales, Australia.
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