Off the beaten path: Bahamas

Bahamas, the archipelago of 2000 islands, the homeland of Arawak Indians, the place where real pirates used to live, is a laid-back relaxing place to go to, and there is a good deal of things to learn and to see for the ones who like to travel off the beaten path. You can learn about the bush medicine, bathe together with the cleanest pigs in the world, dive into the deepest blue hole in the world, meet the nurse sharks, try to resolve the mysterious disappearances case at the Great Isaac Cay and more.

The amazing swimming pigs of Big Major Cay

If you are in Bahamas, do visit Big Major Cay to experience the swimming pigs phenomena - these creatures are excellent swimmers, they are friendly and not shy at all to jump into your boat and ask…

The underwater Bimini road

Discovered underwater in 1968, Bimini road in Bahamas was considered remains of Atlantis. The age of slabs of stone the road was made of was, indeed, about 14,000 years old. Speculations continue,…