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Aldabra Atoll island

Aldabra Atoll has amazing endemic flora and fauna due to its isolation - over two thirds of the remaining giant tortoises in the world live on the islands, including a plethora of insects, snails,…
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Where to find the hidden booty of Olivier Levasseur | La Buse pirate buried treasure in Seychelles

The mystery Olivier Levasseur's hidden treasures still remains unsolved - whether the pirate made a joke before his death or it was true, some treasure hunters have been looking for it since the…
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The museum of R.L. Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson museum in Samoa is the villa where the author spent the last 4 years of his life. During his time in Samoa, he became a folk hero and was considered a man of much mana, like the…

Lake Bled with its medieval castle

Lake Bled, its' castle and church have been an iconic landmark among travelers for a long time, due to its fairy-tale surroundings, medieval atmosphere and utter beauty both in summer and winter.

The Cactus Dome on Enewetak Atoll

After multiple nuclear tests performed by the US military on Marshall Islands, a massive Cactus Dome was built. The concrete dome covers up the crater with radioactive soil, brought there during the…
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The Island of the Dead Dolls

La Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico, is probably one of the most disturbing islands on Earth - thousands of old decrepit dolls hang from the trees, watching your every move with their lifeless eyes.
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Montserrat, the ash-covered island

Since 1995, Montserrat keeps being continuously covered in ash due to series of intermittent eruptions of Soufriere Hills volcano for the last 15 years. If you are into abandoned ghost towns and…

Stairs of the Great Serpent - L'Escalier Tete Chien

L'Escalier Tete Chien in Dominica is an ancient volcanic formation, which resembles a staircase coming out of the Atlantic ocean. Its name is connected to the creation myth of Kalinago peoples,…

Chiloé - the magical place at the edge of the world

Chiloé Archipelago is a magical part of Chile, rich in its unique folklore, food, and architecture. There is not much past Chiloé - just Tierra del Fuego and the icy Antarctica. This is quite an off…
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