Off the beaten path: Jamaica

Jamaica, the birthplace of Rastafarianism and reggae, the home of the second biggest butterfly in the world (the Giant Swallowtail) and the fastest man on the planet (Usain Bolt) has many interesting places to visit for the ones who like off the beaten path destinations. You can explore the heart of the country, meet the villagers, enjoy many unusual natural wonders like the luminous lagoons, waterfalls and the Mystic mountain, examine the shipwrecks and visit some weird bars.

The luminous water of Glistening Lagoon

The Glistening Waters in Jamaica is a lagoon full of bioluminescent microorganisms - they light up when the waters are disturbed. Bathing in the lagoon at night is a truly unforgettable experience.

Port Royal - the sunken pirate Babylon

Port Royal, Jamaica, was the pirate Babylon of the 17th century, supported by the British and governed by the infamous Henry Morgan. After the earthquake in 1692, the city sank to the bottom of the…