Off the beaten path: Sudan

Sudan, the ancient Kingdom of Kush, the third largest country in Africa, afflicted by civil war for the last 40 years, a geographically and culturally diverse country, which has a mix of Christian, Muslim and Animist Bantu traditions, is a very interesting destination for off the beaten path travelers to explore, provided that caution is exercised. You can see the unusual Nubian-style pyramids in Meroe, Sufi rituals of drumming and trance-dancing, explore the Tuti island, examine the remains of a coral city in Suakin, and more.

Pyramids of the Kingdom of Kush

Little is known of the history of the Kingdom of Kush, or Meroitic Kingdom. Meroitic Kingdom existed between 800 BC to 350 AD on the territory of Sudan, and more than 200 Meroe pyramids still stand…