Farma Čapí hnízdo - the Stork Nest farm in Olbramovice

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 13:23:52

In Olbramovice, Czech Republic, there is a farm that looks like a nest of a stork - Farma Čapí hnízdo. The decision to design the farm to look like stork nest belongs to the Parisian design studio SGL Projekt. However, in spite of the farm's "bird" look and name, this construction has nothing to do with birds – it is a horse riding arena. 

SGL Projeckt  was invited to renovate an old farm near Olmbramovitse. Upon arrival, they found that there was a stork family nest on top of the chimney. This is what made that the designers decide to build a horse arena in the form of a giant nest.  Besides the arena, they built a hotel, a conference room, a restaurant, bowling, a pool and a private garden – the renovated farm looks like a resort now.

The new building resembles a nest not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Being 34 meters in diameter and 12,5 meters of height, the arena is full of light, fresh air, and plenty of shade for the summer heat. The arena is built from arched wood, covered with polycarbonate and oak logs joined together. After this original and grandiose renovation, the Stork farm attracts many tourists and other curious visitors – it is a place for various presentations, cultural events and, of course, horse riding lessons.

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