Siriraj Museum of Death, Bangkok

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Posted on Wed, Aug 19 2015 19:48:31

sirirajSiriraj Hospital was established in Bangkok in 19th century as the first ever westernized medical center, in accordance with the royal decree of King Rama V of the Chakri dynasty. It is also the first medical school in Thailand, teaching students for over a century and making significant contributions in all aspects of health care.

During its almost 120-year existence, the hospital has collected a huge number of medical equipment and instruments, anatomical and clinical samples, including the important artifacts and archives related to the history of medicine in Thailand. These magnificent collections are on display for visitors in 6 different small museums situated in different departments of the hospital. This museum complex is also known as the Museum of Death.

The Museum of Pathologies in the name of Professor Ellis contains various exhibits related to the heart disease, various types of cancer and fetus anomalies. The exhibits are real bodies, detailed models and medical machinery.

Professor Songkran Niyomsane's Museum of Forensic Pathology houses exhibits connected to homicides, suicides, and premature natural death. You have skulls, skeletons, organs, demonstrating various injuries, and organs which were causes of natural deaths. One of the curious exhibits is the corpse of the notorious cannibal and serial killer Si Ouey. There is also a collection of old medical autopsy instruments, which were used to determine the death of King Rama VIII.

The skeleton of the Dr. Songkran Niyomsane is for everyone to see as well, along with the victims of tsunami and a detailed explanation on the methods of body identification by means of physical evidence and DNA research.

Ouay Ketusingh Thai Traditional Medicine Museum is dedicated to the history and development of the traditional medicine in the country. It contains exhibitions devoted to childbirth and post-natal care, the tools used in traditional medicine, Thai massage, homeopathic remedies and treatments.

Museum of Parasitology shows various kinds of parasitic organisms, including round and tapeworms, liver flukes and so on. You can also see various organs infected by the parasites and learn about the life cycle of book and dust mites, which cause allergies. One of the most interesting exhibits is the case of Lymphatic filariasis - a giant scrotum, weighing over 35 kilograms.

Congdon Anatomy Museum contains a large collection of anatomical specimens, both normal and abnormal. The exhibition is divided into sections: the visceral anatomy of the chest, abdominal area and pelvic area, central and peripheral nervous system, embryo, fetus, and various abnormalities such as Siamese twins.

Individuals who don't have a strong stomach should think twice before visiting the place, or try to refrain from eating prior to the visit.

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