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Posted on Thu, Nov 06 2014 18:14:10

magic mountainIn one of the most picturesque corners of the Chilean Patagonia, there is a place with the atmosphere of peace and harmony, where you can escape from the city and enjoy all the delights of the wild - The Magic Mountain / Montaña Mágica Lodge hotel.  This fairy tale place is located in the National Reserve Huilo-Huilo, and is included into the UNESCO World Heritage.

The main feature of the hotel is its harmonious fusion with nature, non-destructive to the environment. The hotel is built in the shape of a volcano with a crater that spews powerful streams of water. This giant waterfall not only decorates the construction, but  feeds the thickets of ivy, which envelops the  walls of the hotel. The creation of this place was inspired by a local legend about a magic mountain in the forest, protected by the spirits, where dreams come true if you manage to climb to the top.

The Magic Mountain was built in 2005. All the materials used in its construction - the black stone and wood - were taken from the reserve. Local artisans and craftsmen participated in building the place, using the ancient art of creative woodworking, following the traditions of their ancestors.

The hotel has 13 cave-looking rooms, equipped with modern amenities and huge windows, which provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the forest and Andes. Instead of rooms being numbered, each room is named after different Chilean birds. There are no TVs in the rooms, so that there is nothing to interfere with enjoying the wilderness, but if you really need to communicate with the civilized world, there is an internet connection. Also, there is a mini-golf course, playground, jacuzzi and sauna. The most popular service offered to the visitors is bathing in unique tubs carved in the trunks of tropical trees, where the water is heated by natural means.

The hotel price includes a very interesting tour of the most picturesque places of the Reserve Huilo-Huilo - Lion trail and Spirit trail, the deer and wild boar nursery. The outdoors activities include horseback riding, swimming in the hot springs, fishing, and an extreme mountain river experience.

It takes a long trip to get to the hotel, but it is definitely worth it. The starting point is the capital of Chile, Santiago, then a plane to the province of Valdivia, and  the last 20 kilometers by foot and jeep along the ancient trails of the rainforest.

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