Off the beaten path: Chile

Chile, the country that has the longest coastline, the driest place on earth, the oldest mummy in the world, icebergs, penguins, wine, and Easter Island, has plenty of attractions and destinations for the ones who love off the beaten path travel. There is a variety of things to see and do - you can feel like a Chilean Gandalf in the Magic Mountain hotel, visit Pablo Neruda's place, get lost in a labyrinth of hot springs, explore the beautiful Valparaiso and more.

Chilean Magic Mountain hotel

Montaña Mágica Lodge hotel, or The Magic Mountain in Chile is an amazing place for nature lovers. The hotel is fused with nature in its look and function, looking like a giant mountain with…

Chiloé - the magical place at the edge of the world

Chiloé Archipelago is a magical part of Chile, rich in its unique folklore, food, and architecture. There is not much past Chiloé - just Tierra del Fuego and the icy Antarctica. This is quite an off…