Off the beaten path: Argentina

Argentina - the land of tango (which, by the way, originated from its brothels) has plenty of travel destinations to offer to a regular tourist or to the super inquisitive ones - you can learn about the bones of gigantic dinosaurs discovered here, go to Ushuaia, which is claimed to be the southernmost place in the world, follow the path of exploring the Arctic wildlife or volcano caves. You can go off the beaten track to discover the unusual haunted places like Torre del Fantasma and many more.

Wanda Mines, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Wanda mines are a gemstone site where various semi-precious stones are mined. This is a must see for ones who are interested in gemstones, jewelry or geology
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Vintage wood-carved hearses, Argentina

These amazing hand carved funeral Cadillacs were discovered by accident in an antique barn in Argentina by Fernando Aguerra.

Life in the deadly waters of Laguna del Diamante

The fact that life can thrive in deadly waters of the beautiful Laguna del Diamante is a true wonder of the nature, which could give clues about the development of the early life on Earth.

Villa Epecuen - the place consumed by mother nature

If you want to see some South American apocalyptic scenery, Villa Epecuen is your destination. A thriving resort in the past, it was consumed by the salty waters of the nearby lake in 1985 and…

Salinas Grandes

the Great Salt Flats or Salinas Grandes in northern Argentina. Located 170m above sea level at the foot of the Sierras de Córdoba Mountain range, the salt flats cover 12,000 hectares.
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