Off the beaten path: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, the land of the first fireplace in the world, the place of rich folklore and superstitions, which has its own wolf man, lots of oil and watermelons, can offer lots of different destinations to visit for the ones who like to travel off the beaten path. You can explore the weird decorations remaining from the Soviet era, learn about some unusual superstitions, see the amazing bottle house of Ganja, buy lots of fancy and unique carpets, take a bath in a black goo for your health, and much more.

The amazing Ganja bottle house

The bottle house in Ganja, Azerbaijan, was built by Ibrahim Dzhafarov in 1967 out of 48 thousand bottles. Every inch of the construction is decorated with various designs, words and portraits,…
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The eternal fire of Yanar Dag

Yanar Dag's fire has been burning for thousands of years and can never be extinguished. The burning mountain is located on Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan, and causes everything around it burst into…

Askeran Fortress

Currently there are 48 landlocked countries in the world. Nagorno-Karabakh is obviously can be called landlocked as today it is surrounded by Azerbaijan. The ethnic Armenians prefer the ancient name…
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