The amazing Ganja bottle house

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 17:18:12

ganja bottle houseAzerbaijan does not cease to amaze tourists with its attractions, one of which is a building created out of bottles in the city of Ganja. It was built by a local architect, Ibrahim Dzhafarov, in 1967. The architect decided to build this house in memory of his younger brother and other people, who died during the World War II.

It took 48 thousand bottles to construct the house. The bottles are held together by a special solution. Besides the bottles the architect also used pebbles, pieces of mirrors, glass and mosaic elements to add to it an atmosphere of charm. The top part of the entrance is decorated with the word “Ganja”, laid out with the bottle bottoms. The building is streaked with beautiful colors, shining in the sun and reflecting its light.  Underneath the roof of the house there is a portrait gallery of Ibrahim's works, where the author tells a story of his family throughout the country's history from 1945 to the Olympic Games in Moscow.  All the materials to create the mosaic-like images are carefully laid out and create an amazing story, covering every inch of the building.

The house was built within one year, but the architect was nurturing this project in his head for nearly twenty years. Ibrahim did not build the house with the purpose to become famous – he just wanted it to look special and  comfortable to live in.

Since the house is a private property, no visiting fees are charged, and there are no visiting hours. If you're lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Ganja, you should definitely visit the place and admire this amazing structure. The house looks especially charming when the weather is sunny: the sunlight reflected off the bottles creates a breathtakingly beautiful view.

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