Off the beaten path: Burundi

Burundi, the land where drums are so revered that for a period of time drum was on the flag of the country, the place blessed with the abundance of tea and coffee plantations, wildlife and greenery, is a young nation with rich cultural heritage and is THE off the beaten path destination in Africa - since the land has suffered from conflict and flooding, one has to be prepared to let go of some comforts while traveling there. You can visit drum sanctuaries and find out about drum-related rituals shrouded in mystery, admire a variety of bird species on Rwihinda Lake, visit the local culture museums or villages to learn about some weird and unusual customs, and more.

The sacred drums of Burundi

The drums in Burundi are sacred objects stored in sanctuaries since the ancient days - in order to create a drum and to play it, one has to follow certain rituals and traditions passed down through…
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